What We Do

Since 2010, BBW GROUP LTD has provided the construction industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the brickwork and construction sectors.

Over the years of supplying the construction industry in the bricklaying sector, we have amassed a highly competent and experienced completely vetted workforce, as well as close ties with some of Northampton's top market leaders.

We have the expertise to deliver our clients with an amazing and outstanding quality service on time, on budget, and most importantly, in a safe manner, thanks to our talented, experienced, and professional team. At BBW GROUP LTD, our professionals go above and beyond to raise the bar.


Working Together

We provide a complete customer experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organisation, and consistent, high-quality craftsmanship.

We place a strong emphasis on our clients' interests because, in today's difficult economic climate, we recognise the importance of providing an exceptional service that can maintain quality craftsmanship in a safe and timely manner within an expedited build rate.

We take great pride in the abilities of our workforce on site and in the office and are appreciative for their commitment to the company's success because pride in the job isn't just for today, it's for tomorrow and it's for daily for our teams.


Why Choose Us?

You can expect excellent outcomes when you work with our experienced and competent teams. Call us immediately and let us apply our quality craftsmanship, management abilities, and extensive construction experience to your next project.

BBW Group Ltd’s skilled staff has over 20 years of industry experience, working with both commercial and residential clients. We provide a comprehensive range of bricklaying and services in Northampton and the surrounding areas. Based in Northampton, we apply best practises and our deep knowledge to ensure the success of whatever project you are working on.

BBW Group Ltd are brickwork contractors in the UK who work on projects for national housebuilders and primary contractors. We work in Northampton on both a labor-only and a supply-and-fix basis. To ensure the delivery of a quality product, our construction team has over thirty years of expertise in the construction sector.

There is nothing we cannot handle, whether you are wanting to carry out a property extension, a home restoration project, or are dealing with new developments.

We are happy to travel around Northampton and the nearby areas in addition to working in and around Northampton.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today on FREE phone : 07456685470 for more information about the brickwork services we provide.

Concerning Our Services

Among our most important brickwork services are:

  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • New Constructions
  • Home Additions

Why should you pick BBW Group Ltd?

Excellent work.

With over 20 years of construction experience, our workforce is well-versed in all industry best practises, ensuring that our brickwork will ensure the long-term success of your project.

First and foremost, safety.

We are committed to construction safety at BBW Group Ltd, and we adhere to all site safety operating protocols and regulations to ensure your project remains compliant. We will follow all essential safety and quality precautions regardless of the task at hand.

Time is of the essence.

We provide adaptable services to all of our clients, tailoring our work to their individual requirements. We were devoted to completing your project on time, while being efficient and within budget.

Our team of specialists at BBW Group Ltd is available to provide a comprehensive range of commercial brickwork services in and around Northampton. We are headquartered in Northampton and can readily travel around the surrounding area to execute any commercial work efficiently, rapidly, and on time. Our team works within your schedule constraints to ensure that all work is finished to the greatest standard.

To learn more about the commercial brickwork services we provide, contact us in Northampton now at 07456685470.

Services for Commercial Construction

At BBW Group Ltd, we believe in open communication with our clients in order to finish projects efficiently, rapidly, and on schedule. While also submitting regular reports to keep you up to date on the progress of your construction project.

We are professionals at adhering to precise budgets and achieving all deadlines in order to fulfil all KPIs of your project plan. With over 25 years of construction experience, we have undertaken and finished projects in many sectors.

Working under time constraints and stringent deadlines is second nature to us at BBW Group Ltd; in fact, it is our specialty, and we keep you updated on developments at all times. There is nothing we haven’t done before, whether you have a huge or small project that has to be completed.

Our completely qualified and skilled bricklayers have significant knowledge and pay special attention to detail, ensuring that each project we finish is of the highest quality. We are always available to provide expert advice and support when needed. We will collaborate closely with your team to create a plan and approach that is appropriate for your project.

Residential construction Services

Choosing to upgrade your home is an exciting process because it allows you to put your own stamp on a property. There is nothing we cannot accommodate, whether it be a house expansion or a total new build. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, we provide a wide range of residential brickwork services to clients throughout Northampton and the surrounding areas. Our pleasant team’s tradesmen are all highly qualified and seasoned professionals.

To maximise the space of your house, add more space to your home and boost its property value with a home expansion. We design stunning home extensions of various types, whether you want to add an extra kitchen, a second bedroom, or a living area.

  • House extensions
  • Extensions to the side or back of a house that are only one storey tall
  • Extensions of two or more stories
  • Garages and outbuildings are being built from the ground up.
  • Boundary Lines

We work and follow to all site safety procedures established by the (P.H.A. – Public Health England) to ensure the safety of both our team and your family. Our pleasant team will always make you feel at ease with the ongoing construction project, informing you of progress at each level. We always keep the site clean, cleaning up as we go to keep the job operating smoothly.

We also understand how stressful it is to have a construction project going on in your house, which is why we strive to cause as little interruption as possible to you and your family at all times.

Our team at BBW Group Ltd, based in Northampton, has been working with home and commercial clients in the Northampton area for over 20 years. We understand the complexities of new build projects and work hard to guarantee that all of your specifications are met.

Our crew is highly talented, completely qualified, and uses their years of experience as tradesmen to finish any and all projects to the greatest of standards, no matter how large or small.

How We Work

Our expert commercial brickwork subcontractors will collaborate with you to complete the job you want. We have previously supplied new build brickwork services for a variety of clients in Northampton, completing projects of varied sizes. We ensure that we are always adaptable and that we can satisfy any constraints or time limitations that you have in mind.

In addition, our team will collaborate with architects and your project manager to design custom new construction. All of our work is of the finest quality, and we are always efficient in our operations.

Brickwork services have become second nature to BBW Group Ltd; we take pride in offering a great service on every job we undertake, from start to end. Because of our specialised rope access techniques, we can get access to any difficult-to-reach region and take on any project.

From initial design and development to the final brick set, we understand how important it is to our clients that we continually supply the finest quality materials, leadership, and workmanship. Our objective is to consistently deliver excellence and client service. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification only validates such commitments.

When completing brickwork services projects, BBW Group Ltd believes that health and safety are of the utmost significance, not only to individual employees, but also to the company’s and its clients’ reputations. We have created what we believe to be the best health and safety record in the industry.

Brickwork Services

  • We provide a personalised service to a diverse range of clients, adapted to their individual requirements.
  • We work on various types of construction projects, including chimneys, schools, hospitals, industrial units, hotels, and multi-story apartment buildings.
  • We do renovations, alterations, repairs, and upkeep.
  • We have a specialised team that understands grade listed and historic restoration.
  • We provide a dust extraction vacuum service in conjunction with a dust-free hurricane grinding shroud.

Our Brickwork Services Include

  • An emergency situation only available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • All types of brickwork, blockwork, and masonry are covered.
  • Full supply and installation service at any height

Project for Dust-Free Grinding and Sealing

Normally, while grinding out joints before to pointing on a building, a large amount of dust is produced, posing a risk of dust inhalation not only for the works performing the work, but also for any passers-by. Not to mention the dirt and grime that the dust will deposit on the building or the ground below. This is especially problematic when working on public structures, such as hotels or offices.

BBW Group Ltd can overcome this problem by employing cutting-edge specialty grinders, shrouds, and dust extraction systems that leave no extract dust behind.

This ensures that there is no evidence of any debris or dust on site at any time during the project, allowing the building to operate normally during the works, with no impact or cost on the day-to-day operations of the occupants or owners.

The joints were subsequently sealed with a 1-part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant suited for movement joints and connection joints. All work on this project was done with cradles, and nearly 8000 linear metres of joints were ground out and re-sealed during a three-week period.

Please see the photo below for an example of ground out tiles that were then power cleaned with a 3000psi power wash to ensure all facades were clean and ready to be sealed.

To avoid the negative impacts of building damage or fissures, restoration services are required. Pointing, repointing, brick cleaning, and paint removal are all typical methods of restoration, but brick repair is also a viable option. We provide standardised Brick Work for brickwork that has become burned or spalled over time.

Bricks can be broken down or severely damaged as a result of water flow or poor pointing. If the brick is skillfully or precisely installed, it will be impossible to repair. Without competent brickwork repair, all of these factors can shorten the life of a building and rob it of its opulence. If you see any distortion in a brick building, chimney, or any wall that has been damaged by weather or humidity, contact Brick Repair Northampton right away.

Our experts have a wide range of skills and experience to complete the brick repair in a very organised manner. Our brick repair procedure includes removing the rot from the damaged brick face as well as the scratch. The bricks are then reconstructed before proceeding to the re-coloring stage. The mortar colour is matched with the prior bricks while colouring the brick construction.

The specialists at Northampton brick repair begin by determining the root cause of the problem, which allows them to deliver the best solution. The expertise of experts, high-quality materials, and contemporary tools provide long-term results by retaining construction work. The most vital factor is client happiness, which is attained through superior work performance.

The target audience for brick repairs includes all landlords, commercial property owners, and residential owners. Our specialists are professionals in the repair of stone, brick, stucco, faience, terracotta, and render, among other materials. Brick repair Northampton needs differ depending on the type of brick. If the bricks are supple and prone to rust, pointing services will be required.

After reinserting the bricks into the building, all of the bricks were cleaned to improve their appearance. Northampton brick repair is mostly needed for red bricks and stock bricks that are frequently cut and replaced. If you are seeking for a professional contractor that will also protect your investment, we are the finest option for you. All of our services are guaranteed on the basis of quality, dependability, and price.


We hold major accounts will all of the main brick merchants and factories in the Northampton to ensure high quality products at all times. For those projects that have a short lead time and a high brick specification, we are also well-placed to source excellent alternatives where supplies may take longer to arrive or availability is scarce.

Our typical work packages include materials, plant and labour but if you already have the materials and only need the skilled labour we can still help.

Every job comes with a tailored project management package, and you can rest assured that Alan Ferguson will be personally involved in making sure your project runs smoothly.

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